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Jojoba (golden) 4 oz.


Jojoba oil is actually not an oil at all it's a wax. It has some great properties though, Its superior moisturizing and lubricate abilities make it comparable to the more popular natural oils like Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Safflower. However Jojoba oil does not turn rancid making it the choice for perfumers for perfume blends. Jojoba can increase the shelf life of more perishable essential oils.


Popular as a message base and a base for perfume blends it is a great moisturizer, its added to hair shampoos and nail products for that shine it gives hair and nails. It can be used in products such as soaps and lotions or directly on the skin. Used to remove makeup, moisturizing dry skin and is also helpful for sunburn.


If used in cold process soap recipes though use with caution only one or two ounces per pound. Jojoba will naturally accelerate the tracing in soap recipes.


For Skin Care, Lotions, Soap making and Cosmetics

Jojoba (Golden Organic) Carrier Oil 4 oz.

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