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Our Story

Southern Essentials is a local North Georgia small scale manufacturing company that provides 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essentials Oils, Natural Skin Care Products, Natural Deodorants, Insect Repellant, Room Sprays, Handcrafted Soap and other items based on aromatherapy and the use of essentials oils, and their amazing properties.


Erin and Mark Fantom are the sole owners of Southern Essentials and we have been making all our products in our home in Buford, Georga for over 40 years. We have been selling them for the past 15 plus years at the many Craft Shows, Festivals and Farmer's Markets around the Atlanta Metro and North Georgia area.


Visit our Find Us Local page to see the stores in Georgia that stock our products also.

We purchase all of our ingredients and packaging supplies in bulk to help keep our prices affordable for everyone.  All of the formulas for our products are the end result of many years of creating the products and are completely our own formulas. 

In fact many of the products that we now sell have taken many years to perfect

and get to the market.

We do not outsource any phase of our product line. We do, All the Artwork, Testing Formulas and Research, Manufacturing of the Products, Photography, Website Design, Label Design, Printing and Packaging and Purchasing Bulk Inventory,

Ingredients and supplies.

(We do buy our business cards that we design)

All our products are 100% Vegetable Based with No Animal Products or Animal Testing, No Dyes or Fillers and are Paraben Free.

(We do use Bees Wax in a few products)

We have been purchasing essential oils for over 40 years now for use in our products and because we use the essential oils for their therapeutic value in our products, we are fully aware of lesser quality oils and synthetics that have no therapeutic value. We import our essentials oils in large volume from true wholesale suppliers and over time our customers have asked us if we would sell the essential oils to them as well. This has worked for everyone; we buy in larger quantities and over time this brings down our price to manufacture the products and our customers get cheaper prices.  All our suppliers gas test and spectrometer test the oils. Some of the oils we use in our products are organic (when available or affordable) and more organic oils are becoming available all the time.  However, some of the oils will never be available in organic form simply because of the global region they are grown in and are only available as wild crafted.  We use only all natural products in our line, including oils like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond, Coconut, Palm and Palm Kernel oils and many others with all of the ingredients fully disclosed on our products.

(Our oils are top quality and only purchased from responsible sustainable farmed sources)

All our products are 100% Guaranteed or your money back!

*Money back guarantee does not include shipping charges.

Shipping is not refundable.  

**The website can not calculate the difference in shipping charges. 

We refund the shipping charges on orders that are over $60.00 that do not have essential oils or bulk items in the order.

White Structure
Soap drying on the drying racks_edited.j

Soap Drying on the Drying Racks
Our soap will cure on the drying racks for a minimum of 4 weeks.

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