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Avocado Oil 1 oz.

(persea americana)


Avocado oil exhibits excellent penetrating qualities which makes it a excellent message oil. The oil is used in many lotions and creams because of its healing and hydrating characteristics, avocado oil creates a silkiness and soothing feeling for the skin. When used in lotions and creams, avocado oil has a very quick absorption rate which leaves a great feeling on your skin. Burns and wounds are no match for avocado oil’s healing properties. Applying avocado oil to the injuries speeds up the healing process and reduces inflammation on irritated areas of the skin. The oil can also reduce the itching sensation. Studies have proved that the acids that make up avocado oil slow the growth of cancerous tumors. Avocado oil has been shown to prevent gum disease and reduce inflammation of the gums. Making it an excellent choice for use as a pulling oil.

The very light smell of Avocado oil makes it a natural in aromatherapy use as a carrier oil and the healing properties of this oil make it a must try.

Avocado Carrier Oil 1 oz.

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