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Apricot Kernel Oil 4 oz.

(prunus armeniaca)


Apricot Kernel oil is very popular in the aromatherapy, massage and the skin care business. It has a mild scent like most carrier oils. Absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves no greasy feeling on the skin. It mixes well with most essential oils making it an excellent carrier. Wonderful for hair care added to shampoo's or as an oil treatment for hair.

Apricot Kernel oil is rich in vitamin A, C, E and fatty acids. Well known worldwide the benefits of apricot kernel oil range from hair and skin care to aromatherapy and even natural remedies. This is a light weight oil that leaves skin and hair healthy with a ton of silkiness and shine! Popular in massage because this light weight oil does not leave any sort of residue behind on the skin.

For Skin Care, Lotions, Soap making and Cosmetics

Apricot Kernel Oil 4 oz.

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