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(Cinnamomum Camphora)


Use Ravintsara as you would Ravensara - Both oils are from Madagasgar and share many of the same properties but, are from very different plant species and have a complely different smell.

Ravintsara has a Fresh, woody,slight floral, balsamic, Eucalyptus like scent.


Actions of Ravintsara:

Antibacterial, Anticatarrhal, Antifungal, Anti-infectous, Antimicrobial, Antirheumatic, Antiviral, Decongestant, Cicatrisant, Expectorant, Immume and Neurotonic

Ravintsara essential oil is considered safe for most people although like Eucalyptus it can cause sensitization with some people and therefore it should be used in moderation.




Avoid use when pregnant.

Ravintsara Essential Oil

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