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(Ravensara aromatica)

 Ravensara has a medicinal scent - camphorous aroma with woody notes.

 Ravensara has expectorant properties making it extremely useful for respiratory issues. It also has Anti-Viral Properties making it useful for colds and flu, canker and cold sores, lung infections, sinusitis, viral hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, insomnia, and muscle fatigue. It is also viewed as an excellent treatment for athlete's foot. To combat colds and flu and other respiratory problems add 5 drops Ravensara and 5 drops Eucalyptus on a paper towel and breathe or diffuse into the air with a aromatherapy diffuser. Many people use Ravensara much like Tea Tree oil for most general skin problems, but it is also incredibly good for muscle pain and arthritis relief including gout.


Ravensara essential oil is considered safe for use directly on the skin.


Avoid use when pregnant.

Ravensara (Wild) Essential Oil

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