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(Boswellia serrata)

Fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly spicy and fruity. Frankincense from India (Boswellia serrata) is a mild and less pungent variety. This variety should not be mistaken for (Boswellia carterii) which is pungent, smoky and traditionally used in religious ceremony.

Frankincense is said to have a centering effect on the emotions, it has been used traditionally for meditation, and spiritual growth.  It is considered a valuable ingredient having remarkable anti-aging, healing and rejuvenating properties. The scent is stimulating and can help with overcoming stress.

Blends well with citrus oils like orange, bergamot, neroli, lavender,clary sage, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood

Imported from: India

Frankincense Essential Oil

PriceFrom $3.95
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