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Eucalyptus (Globulus) (1 dram) 1/8 oz


(eucalyptus globulus)

The aroma is fresh, cooling, and energizing. Its fresh aroma is great to deodorize and to keep insects at bay. Widely known and used for its antiseptic properties preventing infection from common cuts and wounds to other skin ailments such as acne, dry skin.

This essential oil helps to clear the mind and focus concentration, while reducing swelling in the mucus membranes. It is very valuable in fighting respiratory problems and fighting inflammation. It has also been used to combat the effects of colds and flu, sore muscles and joints, rheumatism, headaches and nervous exhaustion. Use in a diffuser to freshen, 2-3 drops to a bowl of hot water to inhale the fragrant steam or a few drops on a paper towel and breathe, or use it in the sauna / steam bath.

Blends well with most herbs, like lavender and rosemary, cedarwood, frankincense, and others.

Never ingest eucalyptus it is very toxic orally.

Keep away from children even small amounts may be toxic.

Imported from China

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