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Quotes I adore Southern Essentials and will not buy my essential oils any where else! The customer service is remarkable and the quality of all the products are top notch. Thank you SO much! Quotes
Rebecca Craig

Quotes I just wanted to thank you so much for your X-tra Dry Skin Cream with German Chamomile, Frankincense, Rose and Lavender Essential Oils! In addition to soothing the Psoriasis on my hands, it has actually seemed to remove the 'crepey' look that my skin has recently started to exhibit. I thought, "Oh no, my age is showing!" but now that's gone and back to looking like my old self! I never really believed in skin cremes before now. But I'm a believer now. Thank you for what you do!! ð??� Quotes
Amy Tice Formant

Quotes Luckily, I met the owners at the Suwanee Farmers Market this morning and bought a couple things, but when I stopped back by to ask what was best to use for a pulled muscle, I was given a free sample of lavender. I'm certain, with the 100% money back guarantee, and how my muscle is nearly completely better, just after a few hours, I'll be a lifelong customer (although I typically buy from Young Living at wholesale). I mostly love the idea of a guarantee...but also that I get to be helped by the very informative owners of Southern Essentials. Quotes
Natalie Williams
Newest happy customer!

Quotes This is just awesome I have pain in my shoulder knees this takes my pain away in mins love it I recommend it just awesome god gave us everything we need Quotes
Felicita Escotto

Quotes I love Southern Essentials oils and especially their X-tra dry skin cream! It works like no other especially with this nasty winter and I work outdoors every day. This is the best stuff! And the owners are so friendly and customer service is great. Quotes
Rachael L.

Quotes Love their pure natural products. Orders always arrive within a few days ! We are from up "North". Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes This morning my husband told me to stop at your table at the Suwanee Farmer's Market. He had spotted your sign about poison ivy. I told you about a special friend who fought the battle with PI and lost of course. You said it was too late at the stage she was in (she was at the hospital last night) but next time to be sure and hustle in and wash down with the Honey Oatmeal and the Lavendar with activated charcoal. You wouldn't take any money and I said that was certainly a Pay It Forward moment. We are from Grayson and my daughter, a writer, has certainly told her extensive Facebook friends. Quotes
Marianne Volpert
Pay It Forward

Quotes Erin & Mark, Let me just start off by saying thank you so much for providing a product that has literally changed my skin! It is healthier, cleaner, and has made my face care so simple yet potent. Not to mention your anti aging cream is the most radically efficient lotion I have ever used. The scars on my face from previous acne have reduced significantly in a matter of a couple of weeks. As well as any new pimples I might develop have been easy to attack and get rid of with your products. Overall I am a 150% satisfied with what you have provided me and I will continue to use your products from here on. I fully look forward to trying the new samples you have given me, as well as the new products I know you are developing. I am now a wholeheartedly loyal customer, and speak your praises to everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best, Kelly Frances Hager Quotes
Kelly Frances Hager

Quotes I bought a few products from you at a local farmers market in Atlanta, Georgia. I first want to thank you all of the extra small sample gifts that you gave me because of me telling you about my journey to the desert in New Mexico. I promised that I'd write you and let you know how the products worked in the desert terrain. The almond oil worked wonderfully, and didn't attract any bugs at all. Most scents including my dove deodorant attracted many flies and other little critters. I also used the almond oil as a soap, this is suggested by Yogi Bhajan, who is a teacher/master of Kundalini yoga. Most people experience cracked feet and skin in the dessert but my skin remained smooth and beautiful with the use of the almond oil. The lavender lotion also worked wonderfully with keeping my scent and skin smelling and feeling fresh. My favorite product was the lavender oil because it soothed any headache that I experienced and such a little amount goes a very long way! Quotes

Quotes Been using their soaps for a while now, and I love them! Quotes